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Donate Real Estate

Start the process now for a 2023 tax deduction



Loving Paws, Inc. · Donate Real Estate To Charity. Donate To Help Stray Animals

Your generous donation can give helpless animals a new life. By Donating Real Estate To Charity you receive full tax decutions and also

 helping aimals

Save on your taxes By donating to a nationally-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you'll receive a tax-deduction for the appraise value of your property.

Hassle-free, simple donation process Our team of property donation specialists will guide you through the entire process. The transfer is usually completed in about a month. 

Stop wasting money From maintenance to association fees, state violations and property taxes, why pour money into an unwanted property you are not benefitting from?

We are in great need for space for the animals we rescue. Whether it be property or a home, RV or Van please consider donating. You would get a huge tax break and could even make out better if you donate. Plus you would be doing something wonderful for helpless homeless animals. The more space and resources we have the more animals we can help!

Let’s discuss if donating is right for you. For Questions on Donating Please Call 631-319-0216‬​


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OR no need to discuss, I’d like to donate now. 

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