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Be Their Voice

I Started on this Journey over 20 Years ago and had no idea how badly these poor animlas suffer!  They need us desperately.  Animals are innocent and they need our love and support. So why don't you do something today to help them. Be the voice of the voiceless today! Donate you time and money to help an animal today

This is what Loving Paws, Inc. is involved with. Helping Feral Colonies on Long Island. There are so many colonies of Cats in NY that we just can't keep up with it. We just found a colony of 15 kittens in the Mount Sinai area and there is a 45 Cat Colony in Farmingville. Without your support we cannot feed or fix these animals. Please help us to help them. We need the ongoing support of the community to be able to make a difference in these animals lives. I am currently trying to put a Grant together to help the horrible problem in brookhaven town. Please support this group so we have the funds to help these homeless animals


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